One word. Value.


Every small business owner knows that the growth of their business depends on the value that their business delivers. Value is associated with many aspects of a company, its product, its customer service, its price, and even its internet presence.


Internet presence is made up of many different aspects including and centered around the website, but this concept extends to social media outlets, and online advertisements. The more prevalent a business is online, the more perceived value that business will have.


Today's economy is as competitive as they come. Cheaper prices, better service, better products, it's all a competition.

How does your business get the leg up on the competition? Maybe you have the best prices, maybe your product lasts the longest and maybe your company truly is better than the next business. But none of that matters without conversion. If you never convert a prospect into an actual client then that client will never truly know how valuable your business and your product actually is.


One area where immense value can be added for small businesses that is often overlooked is their internet presence. How does your competitor's website look? His product or service may not be as great as yours, but if his company gives the impression of being more professional online because of his modern website, then they may be the one earning that prospect's business.

If your website hasn't been updated in a few years, and your noticing it's starting to look like it's from a different era, it probably is. If your logo's colors are dull and images are low quality, your customers are going to notice. If your content has typos and could use some sprucing up, then what are you waiting for?


Business owners often want to know - what's the return on investment (ROI)?


What exactly will a new website do for my business in terms of dollars?


While the exact dollar amount is hard to measure, we all know how important it is to have loyal clients. And loyal clients stick around because of one word. Value. And your image is vital to getting your foot in the door.

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