Wes Creations is owned and operated by myself, Kellen Wesley. I'm a business major and web developer who loves to combine great business strategies to every website I build. Being just myself, I am obviously a very small business, and so small businesses are the most important thing to me.


Wes Creations is a Sole-Proprietorship that I started operating in early 2016. Since then I have helped many small businesses grow their presence online.

I live and operate my business out of my home office in Avondale, AZ. I'm an entrepreneur, a web designer, a marketer, a graphic designer, a content writer, and a photographer.



What this means is you don't have to hire all of these different types professionals if you want to redesign your website or grow your business. You just have to hire me. I can provide all of these services to you at about a quarter of what it would cost if you hired all of these professionals separately.


I shop from local shops and use local services for my goods and services everyday, and therefore I believe in helping these businesses grow. I believe there is no limit on how successful an honestly operated company should be, so I want to make sure I can provide every possible resource that I can for these companies.



There is a very noticeable difference between a company who spends one million dollars a month on advertising, and a company that spends one hundred dollars a month on advertising. You see examples of this every time you visit a large corporation's website, and then compare it to a local business in your area. My job is to bridge that gap of online appearances.


I believe that a really polished, greatly functioning website, and sharp advertising does not have to be expensive at all. It should be affordable, otherwise how will you ever compete with those big companies spending tons of money on advertising?


Wes Creations, that's how. You just have to hire one professional, and for a great fee, we will combine all of these valuable elements to give you an incredibly competitive website.


I believe that operating with great companies, and building websites is a privilege, and because of this concept, I believe that I should also give back. So as part of our business initiative, we would like to donate our services for free to businesses with great social causes.


When we can find organizations who children, elderly, pets, minorities, or any other marginalized group, we want to help them however we can. Because helping others is a truly beautiful thing, and if a new website can help an organization do good, then we want to make the design process easy and free for them.  If you know of an organization that fits this bill in need of a website redesign. Please reach out to us today!


-Kellen Wesley (Wes Creations)

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